Lots of ISO posts and messages, wanting a puppy right away. Please read this.

Breeders aren’t vending machines, and puppies aren’t available to add to a shopping cart.

Good Breeders spend years researching pedigrees and planning breedings. Good Breeders spend thousands of dollars on their dogs, health testing, titling and providing an environment for their dogs to thrive.

Good breeders spend countless hours on their dogs, grooming, traveling to events or studs or vets, researching and providing care.

Good Breeders shed so many tears over missed breedings, lost puppies, beautiful show potential puppies whose bite goes off (or some other minor issue), losing moms, injuries or emergency illness.

Instead of searching for a puppy, seek out a breeder whose dogs you admire and whose program you love.

HONOR the breeder’s sacrifices they make for their passion for the breed, and get to know them. Ask them about their program and goals. Then be prepared to wait for your perfect match.

Breeding is truly a labor of love. A good breeder isn’t churning out puppies to sell them on the next ISO post, they are breeding with intention and with specific goals in mind.

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