Companion Puppies

Companion puppies are occasionally available. Please click the link on the page to fill out an application for a puppy. Pomeranian litters are small, and I am always breeding for my next show dog, so not every puppy will be placed as a companion.


Retiring Adults or Guardianship

In order to give my poms the individual attention they deserve, it is sometimes best to place an older pom in a home where they will be the center of attention.

Retired poms, are spayed/neutered before placement, and placed in homes where they can be pampered pets.

Guardianship agreements are for poms, who are still valuable to my program, but would be suited to a pet home, to get one on one attention. The poms would remain intact, for collection or breeding at various times.

If you think you could provide a loving home for one of our adults, please reach out.