Companion Contract

This Contract of Sale is being entered into, on the ______day of ______, 20____ between Charm City Poms/Ann Coughlin (hereinafterreferredtoasSeller/Breeder), and

___________________________________________ (hereinafterreferred to as Buyer)

In consideration of the sum of $_______________ USD the full purchase price.

This document will act as receipt full payment once balance payment is received. and all the mutual promises contained herein,

Breeder promises to deliver and agrees to transfer ownership to the buyer of a dog as specified below:

Buyers Address____________________________________________________

Buyers Telephone Number ___________________________________________

Buyers E-mail Address ______________________________________________

Name of Said Puppy/Dog ____________________________________________

Color of Said Puppy/Dog _____________________________________________

Sex _________________ Whelping (Birth) Date _______________________

Dam's Name __________ ___________________________________________

Sires Name ___________ ___________________________________________

A NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $500 was placed on the ______day of ______, 20____

The balance will be paid in cash at pick-up. If Buyer cannot pick-up said puppy by the agreed upon date, the holding fee will be retained by the breeder and the puppy will be for sale again unless other written arrangements are agreed upon with the Breeder in advance. Initial _________

This puppy/dog is being sold as COMPANION ONLY and is to be registered with limited AKC registration, spaying/neutering is required after 1 year of age at Buyer's expense. The puppy's Registered Name will be selected by the breeder (as shown on this contract), and may not be changed. AKC registration papers will be e-mailed and mailed directly to the buyer. Initial _________

Buyer understands that de-sexing the puppy prior to one-year of age will void their health guarantee. Initial _________

The Breeder agrees that said puppy/dog is healthy at the time of sale to the best of her knowledge. Said puppy/dog will be evaluated by my veterinarian before it leaves Breeder's home. If any condition is present or suspected, the said puppy/dog will not leave my home and Buyer will be notified immediately. At this time, if the vet evaluation foresees any life threatening or contagious disease, deposit will be transferred to another available puppy of equal value or Buyer may receive a refund. Initial_________

Breeder agrees to give Buyer a record of medical history for said puppy/dog. Said puppy/dog has been given age appropriate inoculations. We do not recommend giving the Leptospirosis vaccine. Initial _________

Buyer understands that giving the Leptospirosis vaccine will void their health guarantee. Initial _________

The puppy/dog is NOT sold with the guarantee against COCCIDIA or GHIRDIA (typically dormant single celled parasites common in puppies, but is dewormed several times prior to going home with you to avoid such issues), of being show quality, against overbites, under bites, patella issues, hernias, trachea issues, for undescended testicles, or with the guarantee of the ability to breed at the age of maturity. Breeder can only estimate adult weight, size, color etc. by experience, but does not guarantee this. Initial _________

Breeder guarantees said puppy/dog one year for life threatening congenital, hereditary, or genetic defects from your date of purchase. The buyer will have 48 hours from the time the puppy leaves my home in which to have the puppy examined by their own veterinarian at the Buyer's expense. If said puppy/dog is found to have any contagious life-threatening disease found within the 48-hour period, the Buyer must notify Breeder immediately. The Buyer will then have the right to exchange said puppy/dog for another one of equal value when one becomes available, provided a letter from two licensed veterinarians, is given as evidence of the puppy/dog's life-threatening illness. The puppy/dog (along with AKC registration papers) will be returned within the guarantee period. All shipping and vet fees will be at Buyer's expense. Initial _________

The Buyer agrees to return the puppy/dog to the Breeder if for any reason the Buyer no longer wants to or is unable to keep the puppy/dog. The Buyer agrees to never put said puppy/dog in a shelter or rescue group of any kind. The Buyer MUST return said puppy/dog back to Breeder. Buyer agrees to not resell, trade or giveaway said puppy/dog. Breeder will accept the puppy/dog back at any time with no refund to be given to the Buyer as Seller will then accept responsibility for the dog and will be responsible for all future cost. All shipping fees for the return of puppy/dog to Breeder, if any, will be at Buyer's expense. Initial _________

The Buyer agrees to maintain care of the puppy in regards to structure and health, including but not limited to: a high quality diet, vaccinations, treatment for internal and external parasites, medical care whenever needed, proper exercise, and preventing stress injuries. The Buyer also agrees to provide proper coat, teeth, and nail care for the dog. Initial _________

Breeder is no longer responsible for veterinary or other expenses incurred once said puppy/dog leaves breeder's home.

By signing below, buyer has read and fully understood and agrees to all of the above information regarding this sale.

This sales agreement has been made and signed by both parties to insure the well-being and protection of this animal. This agreement has been read by both parties. The undersigned Buyer and Seller and their signatures affixed hereunder shall attest to their complete agreement and full understanding of the contents herein. There are no verbal promises or commitments offered to the Buyer of said Dog; only those warranties listed herein shall be honored by both parties. This shall be deemed a legal and binding contract and therefore failure to live up to its terms canmean legal ramifications. If the Buyer is found to be in violation of this contract, and said Dog is legally redeemed by Breeder, the Buyer agrees to sign over to the Breeder the official AKC registration papers as soon as a judgment has been made by the courts. Should any legal action be necessary regarding the above-named dog, on the part of the Seller or Buyer, all legal action is to take place in the County of Baltimore in the State of Maryland, no exceptions. Please note again that this contract is legal and binding and by signing you agree to all the terms set forth. If any part of this agreement is breached, the Seller is released from any further obligations Here in.

Buyer's Signature: _____________________________________

Date: ____________

Breeder's Signature: ___________________________________

Date: ____________

Both the breeder and seller will obtain a copy of this contract for our records.